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Kirby Paldolce Collection Features Multiple Adorably Unique Figures


Kirby Paldolce Collection Features Multiple Adorably Unique Figures

Earlier this week, Banpresto revealed a brand new collection featuring everyone’s favorite small, pink, spherical creature, Kirby. As you can see in the images below, there are three different types of figures currently available for pre-order

Each of these unique and adorable statues is made of PVC and ABS, costing $15.99 apiece. Version A features Kirby holding up a bow standing on a star; Version B features Kirby as a mochi next to a scoop of green tea ice cream; Version C features Kirby as a snoozing mochi ball wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf.

Anyone that is interested in getting their very own figure can simply pre-order whatever version they’d like (A, B, or C) in the links provided. At the moment, the estimated arrival time is March 2022.

In other Kirby news, a brand new 3D game was announced titled Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Set to launch in Spring 2022, the new installment sees the pink menace exploring what looks to be a mysteriously abandoned island filled with diverse settings including city and island areas.

If you’re still on the hunt for more things about Kirby or any other Nintendo-based content, be sure to check out all of the related features, news, and quizzes we’ve got listed for you in the related articles section located right down below.

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