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Here’s How You’ll Be Able to See Which Games Work Best on Steam Deck

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Here’s How You’ll Be Able to See Which Games Work Best on Steam Deck

Steam Deck is easily one of the most exciting announcements of 2021, as it looks like Valve’s looking to get into the handheld market with a powerful portable PC that can run all the games in your Steam library. Sure, the console itself looks a bit bulky and chunky, but it comes with a full controller layout and the prospect of taking your Steam games with you anywhere you go is very appealing indeed.

Valve has since gone a little more in-depth with regards to how users will be able to sort through games on the Steam Deck, and see which ones are most compatible with the device. You can check out the explanation video down below:

Essentially, all Verified games will run will on Deck, meaning that they’ve been tested and reviewed by Valve and should provide users with a good gaming experience even on handheld. There’s the Playable category, that indicates that a game will run on Deck, though you may need to tweak some settings to make it work better.

There’s the Unsupported category, which is for games that won’t function on the Steam Deck due to compatibility issues. All VR games, for instance, fall into this category. Finally, there’s the Unknown category, which simply means that these games haven’t been reviewed yet. Valve went on to confirm that categories for certain games may change over time as more updates release.

The Steam Deck is set to be released this December.

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