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Best New Stardew Valley Mods of September 2021

little red school house

Best New Stardew Valley Mods of September 2021

Pet Facelift

Best New Stardew Valley Mods September 2021

pet facelift

To start off our list of best Stardew Valley mods from September 2021, we want to share this pet facelift mod that allows you to choose from a much wider variety of cats and dogs.

The cat options include orange/black/grey/brown solid, under, tabby, bicolor, bicolor tabby, siamese fawn/seal/flame, calico, calico dilute, torbie, torbie dilute, white, pitch black, american curl, scottish fold, chimera, halloween, lykoi, and ghost.

The dog options include lab yellow/black/chocolate, retriever cream/golden/red, german shepherd, german shepherd black, great dane, great dane black, husky, husky red, rottweiler, doberman, grey wolf, timber wolf, ghost, Halloween, and Scooby Doo.

It’s a great mod if you want your cat or dog to look just like your real-life furry friend.

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