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Back 4 Blood Early Access: How to Play 4 Days Early

back 4 blood early access

Back 4 Blood Early Access: How to Play 4 Days Early

The wait is finally over. For those of you who have been waiting years for more co-op blasting of the undead, your prayers have been answered. Back 4 Blood has arrived, developed by a team of veterans who worked on the Left 4 Dead series. While the game is due to officially release on Oct. 12, players can get Back 4 Blood early access, allowing them to start playing the game today, four days early. Here’s what you need to know so you can hop in and start gunning down zombies right now.

Getting 4 Days Early Access in Back 4 Blood

To get early access to Back 4 Blood, you’ll need to purchase the Ultimate Edition or the Deluxe Edition (digital only) of the game.

This released today on Oct. 8, 4 days ahead of the standard edition’s official release on Oct. 12.

As long as you purchase either the Ultimate Edition of the game for $99.99 or the Deluxe Edition of the game for $89.99, then you’ll be able to start playing the game as of today.

What Else Do You Get in the Ultimate and Deluxe Editions?

While the 4 days early access is nice, whether or not you want to pay the extra $20-$30 for it is entirely up to you, but may also depend on what else you get for the additional cost.

In Back 4 Blood’s Ultimate Edition, you get:

  • 4 Days Early Access
  • Annual Pass: Three upcoming DLC drops with New Story, Playable Characters, Special Mutated Ridden, and more
  • 4 Character Battle Hardened Skin Pack
  • Additional digital in-game items: Rare Banner, Emblem, Spray, Title

In the Deluxe Edition you get:

  • 4 Days Back 4 Blood Early Access
  • Annual Pass

Whichever edition you decide to go for, you can purchase them here.

That’s everything you need to know about getting your Back 4 Blood early access. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage below.

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