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Upcoming 2021 Co-op Games To Look Forward To

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Upcoming 2021 Co-op Games To Look Forward To

We’re about a month into the new year, which means we still have so many great video game releases to look forward to this year. This year like last is a bit different than most, but now more than ever video games are keeping people connected –and no games do that better than cooperative titles. Here are some of the promising upcoming co-op Games releasing in 2021 to look forward to.

Far Cry 6 – Oct. 7

Upcoming Co-op Games 2021

Far Cry 6

The Far Cry series has been known for its single-player over the years, introducing us to characters like Vaas and Pagan Ming through excellent story-driven campaigns. And while those experiences are still a large focus, players won’t have to do it alone in Far Cry 6.

Just like in Far Cry 5, you and a friend will be able to play through the entire campaign in co-op. There is no word on whether it will be limited to just one player as of now, nor do we know if the Friend for Hire custom character feature is how your fiend will get in.

What we do know is that you’ll once again be able to drop in and out with full voice chat, share items, and even turn on friendly fire for this fun co-op experience when it releases on Oct. 7.

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