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Pokemon Evolutions Needs to Include These 7 Characters & Stories

pokemon evolutions

Pokemon Evolutions Needs to Include These 7 Characters & Stories

Pokemon Evolutions is finally here with episode one — titled The Champion — debuting on YouTube earlier today. But seven episodes still remain in the limited Pokemon web series. Each episode will focus on a different story from a single region. Galar was up first, and the series will continue in reverse order in Alola and ending with Kanto. Here are seven different things that we want to see in the upcoming episodes of Pokemon Evolutions.

Kanto: Blue Making an Appearance

The fact that the poster for Pokemon Evolutions includes Green makes seems to indicate that this series will use the manga names of these characters from the Kanto region. That means Red and Blue will likely also make an appearance at one point. Red will likely show up, but he’s a bit boring. What the people really want to see is the return of everyone’s favorite rival, Blue.

Sure, he’s not Gary Oak, and he’s not gonna end every interaction by saying “smell ya later,” but he’s one of the most recognizable characters across all generations of Pokemon. There’s no indication what story will be told for the Kanto region. Still, the poster shows Blastoise next to Green, indicating Blue could also have his starter (Charizard) from the Pokemon Adventures manga.

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