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New Anime Valorant Skin Bundle Includes a Yoru-Themed Butterfly Knife


New Anime Valorant Skin Bundle Includes a Yoru-Themed Butterfly Knife

Valorant’s new patch will bring with it yet more weapons skins, and this time we’ll see the return of the anime-themed VALORANT GO! bundle, now as a Vol. 2. The designs are similar to the first, with standard gun models decorated in anime versions of the game’s various Agents. Perhaps its most notable feature, though, is that it includes a decorated butterfly knife, the much-anticipated skin that was finally released with the Recon bundle a month or so ago.

The news comes by way of influencers with whom Riot has shared early access of the new skins. You can check out Heretics Black’s full YouTube overview here (Spanish).

Otherwise, here’s a more general look at the skin designs via ValorLeaks.

And here’s a snap shot of the butterfly knife, which doubles as a comb for Yoru — slick!

Image credit: BlackEspanolito

The bundle is expected to cost 8700VP and comes with gun buddies and sprays as well as skins for the Classic, Ares, Vandal, Operator, and Knife. Gun buddies, which are little miniature versions of several different Agents, are expected to cost 475VP individually.

If you haven’t already, do check out Twinfinite’s wrap-up feature recapping the biggest takeaways from Valorant Masters 3 Berlin, the game’s biggest esports competition of the year so far.

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