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Legend of Mana: What the Best Starting Weapon Is

Legend of Mana Best Starting Weapon

Legend of Mana: What the Best Starting Weapon Is

Legend of Mana is incredibly sparse in terms of tutorials and gameplay explanations, meaning there’ll be a lot about it that you have to figure out on your own. Case in point: You probably won’t have any idea what the best starting weapon is in Legend of Mana when the game asks you which one you want to take with you at the beginning of the game.

Fortunately for you, we’ve taken some time to experiment with each one and found some answers. Read on to find out which weapon you should go with based on your playstyle, approach to combat, and more.

What the Best Starting Weapon Is in Legend of Mana

Legend of Mana Best Starting Weapon

As you might have guessed from the intro, the best starting weapon in Legend of Mana depends on a few factors related to how you play the game. However, one weapon does stand out as super easy to cheese the game with regardless of playstyle.

This weapon is the Bow. Boasting the longest range of any of the starting weapons, it allows you to pepper enemies from a distance without ever getting into their attack range. Not only that, but you can stun-lock every enemy by timing your shots right, ensuring they never get the chance to move in closer toward you.

Likewise, their special techniques are useful for both concentrated fire on one enemy and AOE attacks to disperse groups. This can allow you to control the flow of battle with ease, while also making sure your party members aren’t overwhelmed.

What the Best Melee Weapons Are

If you’re dead set on using a melee weapon in Legend of Mana though, then you’ll have a bit more flexibility in what the best weapon is for you.

For a weapon that’s balanced all around and will see you through most fights without issue, the one-handed sword is the way to go. Its stats and techniques will allow you to deal with most any enemy, and the timing for the combos is easy to get a hang of. It also leaves a hand free to equip a shield to, allowing you to block attacks more effectively.

If overpowering offense is your main priority, then either of the Two-Handed weapons might be more your speed. Though they don’t offer much in the way of defense and the timing of their combos can be tricky to master, they’ll allow you to decimate enemies with ease once you get the hang of them.

finally, the Knives are the way to go for speed-focused weaponry. While they’ll never deal an exceptional amount of damage, these weapons are great for darting in to damage enemies quickly before dodging away to use a special technique.

Hopefully this cleared what the best starting weapon is in Legend of Mana. For more on the game, check out our full review of the remastered version.

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