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Happy Game Trailer Teases a Disturbing & Twisted World to Explore

Happy Game

Happy Game Trailer Teases a Disturbing & Twisted World to Explore

Happy Game, an indie title from Amanita Design, has received a disturbing new trailer which teases the kind of disturbing settings players will explore.

Streamed during the Future Games Show E3 2021 livestream held on June 13, the trailer shows off a number of unnerving and grisly environments. Some are emotionally distressing, while others are filled with just enough gore to keep the viewer from ever getting entirely comfortable.

One environ is filled with people who have smiley-face masks stuck on their heads. Another has cutesy animals and imagery impaled on sharp objects with blood spilling out of them, and yet another has an otherworldly abomination that lures passerby in with cute and comforting objects.

Through all of this, a simple black and white-colored character wanders around, seemingly oblivious to the horrifying sights all around them. They continue to explore even after they’re bashed, smashed, and dragged into even worse terrors over and over again, usually with a smile on their face. How they got there, and why they’re being subjected to such terrifying experiences, is unknown.

It’s a unique display of what the game has to offer by any metric, and fans of twisted indie titles will probably find something to look forward to in its imagery. The full teaser trailer can be found down below.

Happy Game is currently slated for release this fall on Nintendo Switch and PC. For more on the game, head on over to Amanita Design’s official website or check out the game’s official listing on Steam. There should also be some related articles down below, covering either the latest Happy Game news or news related to other grim and gory indies.

For more on all the latest news out of E3, stay keyed to Twinfinite. we’ll be covering every announcement, Trailer, and reveal as they happen all week long.

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