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A James Bond Trivia Quiz to Determine Whether You Have a License to Kill

james bond quiz

A James Bond Trivia Quiz to Determine Whether You Have a License to Kill

If the very best franchises are those that stand the test of time, James Bond might very well be among the greatest ever. After all, having spanned literature, cinema, and video games for over sixty years it’s still one of pop culture’s major forces today — few others can claim such a remarkable feat.

With so many iconic films, many of which featuring unforgettable moments portrayed by legendary actors, the James Bond franchise is adored by a huge number of avid fans. Some have been watching off and on since the 1960s, while others are only familiar with the modern Daniel Craig films. And then there’s the true hardcore fanbase who have seen every film over and over.

So where do you slot in, then? Well, we’ve devised a twenty-five-question James Bond trivia quiz to determine whether you’re a new recruit or a seasoned veteran who has long since earned their license to kill. If you can nail at least 17 of these questions with the correct answer you’ll be deemed worthy of the latter.

The questions in this quiz are fairly general across the entire franchise, so here’s hoping you’re at least somewhat familiar with the older generation of films. Good luck!

A James Bond Trivia Quiz to Determine Whether You Have a License to Kill

What is the name of the author of the books on which James Bond films are based?
What is the name of the very first James Bond film ever made?
According to canon, which film takes place at the start of James Bond’s timeline?
Which military rank does James Bond hold?
Which actor has played James Bond the most number of times?
Which actor has played James Bond the least number of times?
Which James Bond actor is the only who is not from the British Isles?
Which actor is the youngest to have ever been cast as James Bond?
How many James Bond films feature the word “gold” in the title?
How many James Bond films feature the words “live” and “die” in the title, including variations of the word(s).
In which film does Bond say ““Pistols at dawn; it’s a little old-fashioned, isn’t it?”
How does James Bond escape being surrounded by crocodiles in Live and Let Die?
What defining feature of Jaws earned him his nickname?
What is the unique feature of James Bond’s car in A Spy Who Loved Me?
What is the name of James Bond’s most iconic car?
What is the name of the criminal organization that serve as antagonists throughout several James Bond films?
How does James Bond kill Bambi and Thumper in Diamonds are Forever?
What aspect of the relationship between villains Mr Wint and Mr Kidd is heavily alluded to throughout Diamonds are Forever?
In which James Bond film does M die?
On which continent does the majority of Quantum of Solace take place?
What is the hacker Boris Grishneko constantly spinning in his hand in the film GoldenEye?
What animal is involved in a drinking game seen in Spectre?
Before starting the crime syndicate Janus, what Agent number is Alec Trevelyan from GoldenEye
Which Italian city is Bond in when he attempts to recover his stolen money in Casino Royale?
There are two non-canonical James Bond movies, which are they?

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