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4 Anime Filler Arcs That Weren’t Complete Wastes of Time


4 Anime Filler Arcs That Weren’t Complete Wastes of Time

Anyone who loves anime can admit that the genre is filled to the brim with content that doesn’t need to be there, often known as filler. This device is something that adaptations will throw into their shows in order to give the manga time to give them more source material to go off of. 

Thanks to this, we often get weird or boring side stories featuring our main characters that carry no plot significance whatsoever. Every now and then, though, animes deliver entire arcs of unique and exciting filler stories that actually a waste of time to watch.

Below, we’ve come up with four of those anime filler arcs, going into why we think they shouldn’t be written off as episodes that were created to stall for time. Be sure to let us know what you think about our list, as well as what your favorite filler arcs are, in the comments section. 

Rabo’s Arc – Noragami

Anime Filler
Image Source: Studio Bones

While Rabo’s inclusion in Noragami may have been brief, lasting only two episodes (11 & 12), it is still one of the more memorable filler arcs in anime. 

A God of Calamity that used to work with Yato, Rabo appears near the end of the first season to try and convince the protagonists to give in to his calamitous nature. The interactions between the two, Rabo’s personality, and the test of Yato’s convictions make for some really interesting drama. 

This arc is one of the highlights of the show too, helping to set up Yato’s character development while also touching on important themes that would be explored more later in the series. It’s just a shame that we only got to see the God of Calamity for this short time, as his interactions with the gang were always fun to watch.

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