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3 Popular Anime Tropes That Aren’t Actually Annoying


3 Popular Anime Tropes That Aren’t Actually Annoying

Just like any other entertainment medium, anime is beyond guilty of being rife with tropes that are so bad you can’t help but roll your eyes. Whether it’s cliche beam fights or bringing characters back from the dead, the genre has plenty of them to go around. 

Yet, just because something has been used a lot in anime doesn’t necessarily mean it is automatically a bad thing. There is actually a reason some tropes exist, as they’re so good, you don’t mind that it is being used again. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of a few of those anime tropes, explaining why they aren’t actually that annoying. 

Tournament Arcs

Best Anime Tropes

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Image Source: Toei Animation

When it comes to arc-based tropes, tournaments have to be the one cliche that fans never mind seeing, especially when it is done right. Whether it’s a simple test of finding out who is the best or life or death stakes, this anime trope makes for such a fun storytelling device. 

It allows shows to introduce new characters, spotlight lesser-used ones, and even throw in a few surprise wins here and there. My Hero Academia’s U.A. Sports Festival is a great example of this.

In it, we’re introduced to powerful characters like Shinso and Ibara for the first time, showing that there are more heroes worthy of the spotlight outside of just class A. The tournament’s overall winner may also be somewhat surprising to views as well, as it isn’t the main protagonist of the show. 

This is just one of the many examples of great tournaments in anime. If you’re itching for some more, check out our article on the 15 best tournament arcs ranked.

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