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3 Biggest Surprises From the Nintendo E3 Direct


3 Biggest Surprises From the Nintendo E3 Direct

Nintendo had a ton of news for us during their E3 Direct as always, and while most of them were games that we already knew of, there were still some surprise announcements, too. With that said, here are the three biggest surprises from the Nintendo E3 Direct this year.

Kazuya Is the New Smash Character


We all knew that a new Smash character was likely going to be announced during the Direct, but it’s always so hard to predict who’s going to get added next and that’s part of the fun. Nintendo certainly didn’t disappoint, as they opened the show with a fantastic teaser of various existing Smash characters getting thrown into a chasm.

Kazuya Mishima was revealed as the edgy new Smash character, and he’s got a lot of moves if that trailer’s anything to go by. Sure, we already have a few fighting game characters in Smash, but it’ll be interesting to see how Tekken’s 3D fighting style is adapted into a largely 2D game.

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