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Resident Evil Village Trophy & Achievements List

resident evil village trophies and achievements

Resident Evil Village Trophy & Achievements List

Resident Evil Village has 49 achievements on Xbox and PC and 50 trophies on PlayStation (thanks to its additional Platinum trophy). If you’re looking for a complete list, then you’ll find it below. Please keep in mind we’ve separated the 14 secret trophies/ achievements and put them below a spoiler warning, as their descriptions do contain some story spoilers.

All Resident Evil Village Trophies & Achievements
Achievement/ Trophy NameDescriptionTrophy Rarity/ Gamerscore Value
Ethan WintersObtain all trophies.Platinum
Great DadFinish the story on at least Casual difficulty.Bronze/ 15G
Best Dad EverFinish the story on at least Standard difficulty.Bronze/ 15G
World’s Best DadFinish the story on at least Hardcore difficulty.Silver/ 30G
Universe’s Best DadFinish the story on the Village of Shadows difficulty.Gold/ 70G
CrafterCraft an item in the Crafting menu.Bronze/ 15G
PatronPurchase something from the Duke in the story.Bronze/ 15 G
Petty ThiefUnlock a simple lock with a lockpick.Bronze/ 15G
RepairerCombine a treasure into its complete form.Bronze/ 15G
HunterHunt an animal during the story.Bronze/ 15G
Get the Ball RollingSolve a Labyrinth.Bronze/ 15G
Squawk ShotShoot down five flying crows in the story.Bronze/ 15G
When You Gotta Go…Open the door to every outhouse in the village in a single playthrough.Bronze/ 15G
HooliganBreak every breakable window in Castle Dimitrescu in a single playthrough.Bronze/ 15G
Push Comes to ShovePush away an enemy after guarding in the story.Bronze/ 15G
Trick ShotDefeat an enemy from long range with the sniper rifle in the story.Bronze/ 15G
StrategistDefeat at least three enemies with one attack in the story.Bronze/ 15G
Medium RareSet fire to a Moroaică in the story.Bronze/ 15G
Fast ReflexesKnock a flaming arrow out of the sky with a close combat weapon in the story.Bronze/ 15G
Leader of the PackTake down the Vârcolac Alfa in the story.Bronze/ 15G
PhotographerUse Photo Mode.Bronze/ 15G
Lucky Number 7Have 777, 7,777, or 77,777 Lei in your possession in the story.Bronze/ 15G
MapmaticianComplete the village map.Bronze/ 15G
CynicDestroy a Goat of Warding.Bronze/ 15G
HereticDestroy all the Goats of Warding.Bronze/ 15G
GunsmithEquip a gun with a customizable part.Bronze/ 15G
Veteran GunsmithEquip every gun with their customizable parts in the story.Bronze/ 15G
TinkererCreate every type of item available in the Crafting menu.Bronze/ 15G
ArtisanCollect every crafting recipe.Bronze/ 15G
BookwormRead every single file in the story.Bronze/ 15G
Dashing DadFinish the story within 3 hours.Silver/ 40G
Frugal FatherFinish the story without spending more than 10,000 Lei.Silver/ 30G
Combo KingGet a combo of at least 30 during The Mercenaries.Bronze/ 15G
Legendary CowboyAchieve at least an S Rank on all stages in The Mercenaries.Silver/ 30G
Doll CollectorView all character and weapon models.Silver/ 30G
Art CollectorView all concept art.Silver/ 30G

Resident Evil Village Secret Trophies & Achievements (Spoilers Ahead)

Below, we’ve listed the 14 secret trophies and achievements.

*** Final warning, there are spoilers included here, so turn back now if you’re looking to enjoy the story spoiler-free. ***

  • Not Lycan This… – Survive the Lycan attack. – Bronze/ 15G
  • Four Lords – Escape the mine. – Bronze/ 15G
  • That Sucked! – Defeat the mutated Dimitrescu. – Bronze/ 15G
  • Got No Strings – Defeat Donna and Angie. – Bronze/ 15G
  • Fish Out of Water – Defeated the mutated Moreau. – Bronze/ 15G
  • Up Urs! – Defeat Urias in the stronhold. – Bronze/ 15G
  • Temporary Measures – Place the Giant’s Chalice in the ceremony site. – Bronze/ 15G
  • Iron Giant Down – Defeat the mutated Heisenberg. – Bronze/ 15G
  • The Root of the Matter – Find the Megamycete in the underground ruins. – Bronze/ 15G
  • Goooaaal! – Move the ball from the Wintereses’ bedroom into the study. – Bronze/ 15G
  • Quit Hanging Around – Shoot down a Soldat hanging from the production line in the Factory. – Bronze/ 15G
  • Timber – Defeat Urias during the first lycan attack when you enter the village. – Bronze/ 15G
  • Don’t Trust That Snake Oil – Finish the story only using four or less recovery items. – Gold/ 70G
  • Knives Out – Not including some boss fights, finish the story using nothing but close combat weapons. – Gold/ 70G

There you have the full Resident Evil Village trophies and achievements list. Now go forth and get them all! For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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