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Mass Effect 3 Omega: Should You Kill the Life Support?

Mass Effect, Kill the Life Support Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Omega: Should You Kill the Life Support?

When it comes to the criminal haven that is Omega in Mass Effect, there is only one rule: don’t cross Aria. In the Mass Effect 3 DLC Omega, Cerberus’ Oleg Petrovsky violates that rule, sending the Pirate Queen into a rage that not even Shepard can talk her down from. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about if you should kill the life support in Mass Effect 3: Omega.

Should You Kill the Life Support in Mass Effect 3

Kill the Life Support Mass Effect 3
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Like a lot of the choices that make up situations in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the choice to kill life support will come down to whether you are playing as a Paragon or Renegade. You’ll be presented with this crossroads once you reach the reactor controls area.

You can either reroute the power to just take down the forcefields or you can use overrides to shut down the forcefields by sacrificing life support for thousands of people on Omega.


The Paragon option in this situation is obviously to try and complete the mission without sacrificing anyone. This choice keeps you and your squadmates safe and saves a lot of lives since you didn’t have to sacrifice anyone.

In order to do this option, you’ll need to let the cutscene between Aria, Nyreen, and Petrovsky play out without choosing the Renegade interrupt whenever it is presented. Shepard will continue typing away at the keyboard until they are able to reroute the power.


Renegade players will have plenty of options to pull the trigger on sacrificing everyone via the Renegade interrupt. Pressing this button at any time will cue a cutscene where the forcefields are taken down and thousands of citizens die.

This actually isn’t the only choice that Renegade Engineers have to make, though. If you’re playing as this class, you can choose the Renegade option and then perform a quick Paragon option. This way, you still get plenty of Renegade points without having to sacrifice any lives.

Petrovsky’s Fate

When you’re given the decision on Petrovsky’s fate, choosing to spare him will also net you a third War Asset worth 30 points. This can only be done if you have high enough Paragon points to convince Aria to spare him or allow you to interrupt her killing him.

Which one occurs depends on how you handled the situation above. The Paragon decision gives you the chance to spare him, while the Renegade option lets you interrupt Aria as long as you also have enough Paragon points.

That is everything you need to know about if you should kill the life support in Mass Effect 3: Omega. For more on the game, check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition guide wiki. It’ll help you progress through the game, and give you plenty of tips, tricks, and general advice on the choices you should make throughout the series.

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