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Nier Replicant: How to Get Kaine’s Sword (Spoilers)


Nier Replicant: How to Get Kaine’s Sword (Spoilers)

Nier Replicant is the predecessor to 2017’s critically acclaimed Nier Automata. This game takes place centuries before the events of Automata, but it’ll be easy to recognize some of the Taro-isms present here, such as replaying parts of the game multiple times to unlock endings and other cool items. Here’s how to get Kaine’s Sword in Nier Replicant.

Do note that this article contains spoilers for the endings and story structure of the game, so don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Getting Kaine’s Sword in Nier Replicant (Spoilers)

Kaine’s Sword is a secret weapon you can get in Nier Replicant, and it’s also hands down the most powerful sword in the entire game. However, you can only obtain it after you’ve seen every ending, and that includes the new Ending E, which is hidden away after you’ve erased your existence in Ending D.

Basically, once you’ve seen Ending D and have started the route towards Ending E, you’ll get the weapon after beating it. The credits will roll after Ending E and the game will inform you that a new weapon is now available if you go to “that woman’s home.”

Load up your restored save file and head to Kaine’s shack outside of the Aerie and you should find a new item pickup.

nier replicant kaine's sword

Grab it and you’ll be rewarded with Kaine’s Sword, which is a one-handed sword that deals 999 physical damage. This essentially allows you to one-shot virtually every enemy in the game, so if you ever want to jump back into your cleared save file and steamroll everything, you can absolutely do that.

Unfortunately, the weapon is only available in the cleared save file, and new files will not be able to access the weapon until you’ve seen Ending E again.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Kaine’s Sword in Nier Replicant. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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