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Nier Replicant Beginner Tips & Tricks


Nier Replicant Beginner Tips & Tricks

Nier Replicant is the predecessor to 2017’s critically acclaimed Nier: Automata, and while the stories are almost completely separate, this upgraded version of the game does feature new content that helps to connect both games. If you’re new to this particular entry, here are some Nier Replicant beginner tips to help get you started.

Do All the Side Quests

Nier Replicant Beginner Tips

nier replicant beginner tips

I’ll be upfront with you: The side quests in Nier Replicant aren’t very good. They’re mostly boring fetch quests, with only a few that actually have interesting side stories for you to follow.

That being said, they are a very good source of income and materials, especially when you’re just getting started.

Once you finish the prologue, we recommend taking on the Boar Hunt and Shopping List quests in the village in particular. Boar Hunt will give you the ability to ride boars in the open-world, which lets you get around faster. Shopping List and its subsequent quest will unlock farming, which is time-consuming but also very lucrative.

You don’t have to do every side quest in the game, but we’d recommend taking on as many as you can when you come across them. You’ll need money anyway for purchasing weapons and upgrades, so just grab them as you go.

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