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MLB The Show 21: How to Get Stubs Fast and Easy

how to get stubs mlb the show 20

MLB The Show 21: How to Get Stubs Fast and Easy

Another year another season of Diamond Dynasty and MLB The Show 21. There’s a good chance that if you’ve made it to this page you’re struggling to get the stubs you need to buy your favorite cards. Here are our tips for how to get stubs fast and easy in MLB The Show 21.

We’ve been doing this for a few years now and while there are few adjustments we have to make here and there (RIP to the equipment exchange scheme of 2018), there are some fundamentals that always remain true and will apply no matter what.

Step 1: Get a Stub Bank Account Going By Grinding Easy Moments & Programs

How to Gets Stubs – MLB The Show 21

how to gets stubs mlb the show 21

For anyone just starting out, the first thing we recommend is to do all the easy moments and programs that will give you some Stubs for not a whole lot of effort.

Moments were added a few years ago and they return pretty much exactly intact in MLB The Show 21 with a few tweaks here and there.

These challenges are a great way for you to start grinding out some Stubs to give you a decent bank roll large enough to make effective use of the rest of the tips we have in this guide.

Jump into Moments and start knocking out anything that you feel you can succeed in. There are a lot of low-level difficulty Moments to choose from, anyone should be able to handle those. So just grab a beer or a soda and some chips and just churn through those.

Don’t go crazy trying to complete moments that you’re having a hard time with. There will be a time and place for you to really go for those, but if your goal is to just get stubs fast and easy you can just skim past anything that you can’t easily beat.

Also, make sure to visit the Program screen and start ranking up through the First Inning program (or whatever MLB The Show 21 is up to when you start playing). You’ll get more Stubs and Packs from those as well as you progress.

If you have a lot of packs from a pre-order bonus, or you’ve stocked up on them from running through the Programs, start looking through your collection to see what might be worth selling on the Community Market (more on that later) and which ones might be worth “collecting.”

Rather than selling trash players for extremely little amounts at a slow pace, you can make dual progress on your live series collections (eventually leading to a Diamond card), while also getting 200 Stubs for every ten cards you turn in.

You’ll need a nest egg of at least a few thousand Stubs at least to effectively perform the other tips we suggest.

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