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Clean Godzilla’s Messes With This Adorable Sweeper Cover


Clean Godzilla’s Messes With This Adorable Sweeper Cover

While Godzilla generally becomes more of a good guy as the series has progressed, there is still no denying he can make a bit of a mess. He gets in huge fights, goes on rampages, and just has a general dislike for buildings, especially when it comes to big cities.

Luckily, there is a brand new item to help account for the messy aftermath that usually accompanies Godzilla’s destructive tendencies. That item is none other than an adorable sweeper cover.

Originally posted by the Twitter profile Kaiju News Outlet, this sweeper cover is placed right on top of your favorite household cleaning item to help you clean. The Website’s official description of the item is translated to the following:

Godzilla 2nd form flooring wiper cover is now available from “Shin Godzilla”!

There is no doubt that the cute figure that crawls around your room will be addictive! Is it possible to reproduce the movie depending on how you move it!

Also, pay attention to the realistic eyes and skin reproduced by printing. We use a glossy, smooth and comfortable polyester material to prevent dust from sticking to it.

Unfortunately, it seems that the item is only available overseas, so anyone in the US is going to have a hard time getting their hands on it. Hopefully there is enough fan fair to warrant them making a version for the west as well.

If you’re still on the hunt for other Godzilla-related news, be sure to check out all of the info we have on the site, including an official Fall Guys costume and info about its upcoming Netflix anime adaptation.

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