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5 Likely Suspects to Be Power Broker in Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Power Broker

5 Likely Suspects to Be Power Broker in Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Marvel Studios’ Falcon and The Winter Soldier hit the halfway mark last week and is neck-deep in so many plot questions that it has yet to answer. One such question is the identity of the mysterious Power Broker, the one responsible for providing Karli Morgenthau and her Flag Smashers with super-soldier serum.

We’re going to break down who this mysterious benefactor could be and what their identity could mean for Sam and Bucky. These are the five most likely suspects to be Power Broker in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Spoiler Warning: The following goes into heavy detail about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier all the way up to Episode 3. If you want to avoid these spoilers, we recommend you don’t read any further.

Featured Image Source: Marvel Studios/Disney+

Baron Helmut Zemo

Likely Suspects to Be Power Broker

Source: Marvel Studios/Disney+

Last week’s episode finally saw the return of Baron Helmut Zemo, whom we have not seen since the events of Captain America: Civil War. Zemo is a master manipulator of the highest regard, he systematically dismantled The Avengers from within, and it stuck!

While The Falcon and The Winter Soldier would have us believe that Zemo is working with Sam and Bucky to prevent further spread of the super-soldier serum, it’s entirely plausible this is all part of his game. Remember, Zemo has no qualms with using super-powered beings to further his plans, which just so happens to be the eradication of said beings.

It’s possible Zemo could see the Flag Smashers as a means to an end to turning the world against super-powered beings. Clearly breaking up the Avengers didn’t last, so Zemo would have to think bigger. The world owes the Avengers for restoring half the population, but if Zemo can remind the world how dangerous these beings can be, he may yet see his powered-less world.

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