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Bowser’s Fury Trickity Tower Shines: How to Get All Cat Shines

Bowsers Fury Cat Shines

Bowser’s Fury Trickity Tower Shines: How to Get All Cat Shines

In order to access Trickity Tower you’ll need to collect five Cat Shines and fight off Fury Bowser using the Lakeside Giga Bell. The island has five new shines that can be completed immediately upon arrival. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all of the Cat Shines in Trickity Tower in Bowser’s Fury.

Getting All Trickity Tower Cat Shines in Bowser’s Fury

So Close Yet So Far

Once you reach the island you’ll see the first shine standing directly in front of you. Problem is, there’s an invisible wall you’ll have to get passed before you can grab it.

Bowsers Fury Trickity Tower Shines

You can reveal the path in front of you using a few methods. Using the ground pound will reveal a large portion of the invisible pathway for a short period of time. Alternatively you can use a power-up like the fire flower to reveal the path in front of you –even Bowser Jr. can help out!

First, head past the three wooden crates to find a spike throwing spikey traps down a ramp. Carefully head up the ramp and to the left you’ll find another Spike, continue that way.

You’ll find a large stack of wooden crates, ground pound to the bottom of them and continue along the path making your way around the tower.

Head up the stairs to find another ramp with two spikes throwing logs at you. On the opposite side of the bottom of the ramp, you can grab a star power-up in an invisible block to make the trip up a little easier.

Once you get past that, you’ll be at the top of the tower where you’ll find multiple spikey logs spinning around. Move past them into a whole in the center of the tower, falling down to the shine.

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