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This AGDQ 2021 Hades Speedrun Made Me Feel Inadequate All Over Again


This AGDQ 2021 Hades Speedrun Made Me Feel Inadequate All Over Again

AGDQ 2021 might be an online-only event yet again this year, but that certainly hasn’t stopped viewers from donating massive amounts of money to hit bonus game and donation incentives to keep the event running for longer. Easily one of the most popular incentives for this year’s event was the Hades three-weapon speedrun.

Hades finally got its full release late last year, and as you might expect from a Supergiant game, it’s extremely stylish and polished, featuring an engaging narrative and characters that you can’t help but love. On top of that, it also features fun rogue-lite elements and an incredibly tight combat system. The Hades incentive was met pretty quickly, and speedrunner Vorime presented a hypnotic showcase of just how fast you can blaze through the game with the right setup.

The three-weapon category tasks the runner with beating the game three times in succession, using a different weapon each run. In this case, we got to see the shield, the bow, and the railgun. All of them were equipped with different Aspects to help optimize the run, and Vorime also activated certain modifiers from the Pact of Punishment to help make it go faster.

For instance, the hydra arena was made to be smaller so that Vorime would be able to destroy the heads quicker, and Forced Overtime was also activate to make enemies spawn faster.

With the right setup, you can melt these bosses insanely quickly, and nowhere is that clearer than in the fights against Asterius and Theseus –the major ‘wall’ of the game that stumps new players whenever they first get there. You can check out the run for yourself down below.

AGDQ 2021 will be running for the rest of the week, with even more speedruns and bonus games to check out.

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