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10 Star Wars Games & the Developers That Should Make Them a Reality


10 Star Wars Games & the Developers That Should Make Them a Reality

Following the news earlier this week that Lucasfilm Games will be looking to work with developers across the industry to create new and exciting Star Wars games, it got me thinking: just how many Star Wars games will we see? And what will they look like?

My imagination started flowing and I was quickly left with a list of 10 Star Wars games I (and I imagine many other Star Wars fans) would love to see, and the developers that would be perfect to make them a reality. You’re welcome developers and Lucasfilm Games, you can drop me an email for the PayPal details!

I should probably point out now, some of these are far, far more realistic than others. But hey, it’s fun to dream, right?

Star Wars Racer

Dream Developer: Bandai Namco

Let’s start off with a successor to the unquestionable (it’s highly questionable to be honest) Star Wars spin-off GOAT. Star Wars Episode I: Racer not only had a rather strange title by today’s standards, but it also allowed us to channel our inner young Anakin and scream “Now this is podracing!” at the TV.

Given Racer actually went down as a pretty terrific title back in the day, I think there’s certainly room for a sequel somewhere. I’m not just talking about a remake (though, I’d also take that), but a completely new experience. A fresh selection of podracers, drivers, tracks from across the galaxy to speed around, and a more fleshed-out vehicle upgrade system and I’d be all in.

Our pick for the developer? Why, Bandai Namco of course! Having released some excellent arcade racing action with the Ridge Racer series, I imagine the developers expertise in loose handling, and adrenaline-pumping racing could do a podracing game justice.

In an ideal world, I’d have roped in Sony Liverpool (formerly known as Psygnosis Limited) — of WipeOut fame — to do it, considering that was more or less podracing before Star Wars made it cool…ish!

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