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Only a True Potterhead Can Name The Side Characters in This Quiz

Harry Potter Quiz

Only a True Potterhead Can Name The Side Characters in This Quiz

If you consider yourself a Potterhead, or a big fan of the Harry Potter universe, then chances are you can name a lot of the characters. The real difficulty lies within being able to name the more minor witches and wizard. This Harry Potter side character quiz will test your knowledge and let you know just how much you actually know.

It’s time to shine the spotlight on the less-known, forgotten side characters in this quiz. Have a go at it!

Can You Name All of These Harry Potter Side Characters?

Who's this Gryffindor student?
Who's this member of the Order of the Phoenix?
Who's this professor?
Who's this Triwizard Tournament participant?
Who's this half-blood wizard?
Who's this Death Eater?
Who's this Gryffindor Quidditch team captain?
Who's this prisoner?
Who's this wandmaker?
Who's this Dark wizard?
Who's this witch?
Who's this Minister of Magic?
Who's this werewolf?
Who's this Muggle-born?
Who's this ghost?
Who's this historian witch?
Who's this Muggle?
Who's this Slytherin student?
Who's this conductor?
Who's this Squib?

Were you able to name many in this Harry Potter side character quiz? If the witches and wizards in the background got the better of you, it means you might know less than you think.

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