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Black Ops Cold War Daily Challenges: How to Turn In & Replace a Daily Challenge


Black Ops Cold War Daily Challenges: How to Turn In & Replace a Daily Challenge

With the start of Black Ops Cold War’s Season 1, Treyarch introduced daily challenges to the game’s multiplayer mode. Daily challenges offer players a way to earn small chunks of XP by completing a variety of different tasks, from killing enemies with certain weapons, playing particular game modes, or getting headshots. The problem is, it’s very unclear exactly how you’re supposed to turn in daily challenges in Black Ops Cold War once you’ve completed them to earn XP.

How to Turn In Completed Daily Challenges in Black Ops Cold War

First things first, you’ll only be able to turn in a daily challenge once you’ve completed it. You can see the progress you’ve made from the lobby screen in the multiplayer mode itself.

black ops cold war daily challenges

Upon completing a challenge, it should be completed and ticked off at the end of the match in which you complete it. This should cause it to disappear from your daily challenge list, allowing you to then select another from the ‘Reserves’ list to replace it.

The XP should be added to your total at the end of the match and the challenge should disappear from your list.

Replacing Daily Challenges

You should then be able to replace a challenge by picking another from your ‘Reserves’ by pressing X on Xbox/ Square on PlayStation on the multiplayer screen and selecting the next challenge you want to work towards.

black ops cold war daily challenges

Cold War Daily Challenge Bugs Explained

Unfortunately, it appears at the moment that there are a number of Cold War daily challenge bugs that prevents some challenges from rewarding players with their XP, even once completed.

First, some players are finding that challenges aren’t tracking correctly. For example, upon getting the required amount of kills with an Assault Rifle, some players are finding that their kills have only partially been tracked, or not at all.

Another bug is simply causing some players ‘reserves’ list of daily challenges to not replenish when the timer for the current set runs out. This means players are left without any daily challenges to complete at all, locking them out for additional XP to help them level up.

Finally, some players are finding that even when their daily challenges are tracked properly, the game simply won’t clear the challenge and reward them with their XP. Instead, the challenge sits in their ‘Daily Challenges’ list, complete but not yielding the XP reward.

With a little bit of luck, Treyarch and Raven Software will release a fix for Black Ops Cold War’s daily challenges bug as part of the ‘Mid-Season Update‘ beginning on Jan. 14. For now, though, you’ll just have to deal with the very hit-and-miss system.

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