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7 Games From 2020 That Definitely Need a Sequel

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7 Games From 2020 That Definitely Need a Sequel

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

pokemon mystery dungeon dx 2020 game sequel

While 2020 may have been a turbulent year for many, the games industry still churned out plenty of great titles. So many great ones that we think some of them should definitely get a sequel. Let’s start with one that is a sequel of a remake… sort of.

2020 brought a wonderful surprise that not many Pokemon fans were expecting, a Mystery Dungeon game. Although not a new entry in the franchise, a remaster of the first games was definitely welcome.

Remasters for older franchises are usually accompanied by an announcement for a new entry and we certainly hope that’s the case here.

The remaster may not have been as great as it could be, but it definitely had some solid quality-of-life improvements, giving us a hint at what a future title could include as well.

With the Switch constantly breaking records and selling like crazy, mixed with the Pokemon 25th anniversary coming up, there is definitely a possibility and we hope that an announcement could be made next year.

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