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All 18 Demon’s Souls Bosses, Ranked From Worst to Best


All 18 Demon’s Souls Bosses, Ranked From Worst to Best

Now that the Demon’s Souls remake is out, we figured it would be the perfect time to take a look at all of the bosses in the game and rank them from worst to best. Do note that this isn’t necessarily a ranking of how difficult the boss fights are, but rather an overall evaluation of each boss, how compelling their designs are, and the impact they could potentially leave on players as they encounter them.

18. Adjudicator

demon's souls bosses ranked

Kicking off our list, we’ve got the Adjudicator. Now it’s worth noting that the design of this boss looks absolutely creepy and unsettling in the Demon’s Souls remake. Whereas it just kinda looked like a weird blob with a bird for a head in the original, the remake enhances all of the Adjudicator’s disturbing features.

The music is fantastic, the presentation is great, the sound effects are chilling. The only problem is that the Adjudicator has such a boring move set that makes this fight feel extremely uneventful and anticlimactic.

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