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7 Actors Who Should Totally Play Liquid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid Movie

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7 Actors Who Should Totally Play Liquid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid Movie

A film adaptation of Hideo Kojima’s beloved Metal Gear Solid franchise has seemingly been in and out of early production for years now, but it’s never quite been able to build any serious momentum. Until now.

A new initiative spearheaded by director Jordan Charles Vogt-Roberts first brought the project back to life in 2017, and only just last week news of its first casting surfaced. So, with Oscar Isaac reportedly set to play the role of the iconic Solid Snake, we can’t help but wonder who would make the perfect arch-nemesis as his older brother Liquid Snake. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

Alexander Skarsgård

Image credit: 2014 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Alexander Skarsgård definitely has the look and physique to match Liquid Snake, which is nicely demonstrated by the above image of him taken during the filming of Tarzan.

Most people, though, will probably remember him best from the television series True Blood, in which he played the overly confident Eric Northman. It’s not too hard to imagine him playing the similarly cocky Liquid Snake.

Skarsgård isn’t especially well-known for playing villains, though he did an excellent job in Big Little Lies as the icy and downright repulsive Perry Wright, so we think he certainly has the skills to pull off Metal Gear Solid’s tyrannical bad guy.

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