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5 Big Hints the Mass Effect Teaser Hides in Plain Sight


5 Big Hints the Mass Effect Teaser Hides in Plain Sight

While it may have just been a teaser trailer, the Mass Effect video BioWare unveiled at the Game Awards features plenty of incredible hidden details. Some of this information even points toward essential info about the next installment in the series. 

Below, we’ve gone over five significant details the Mass Effect teaser hides in plain sight. If you saw any that we missed, or have any thoughts on the breakdown, be sure to leave a comment. 

Obvious spoiler warning: we’re going to be talking about the ending of Mass Effect 3 in some detail here, so click away if you somehow didn’t realize that.

The Next Game’s Timeline

Mass Effect

While it is pretty difficult to figure out when everything is taking place in the teaser trailer, the brief shots we see of Liara may in fact be a clue.

When Commander Shepard first meets Liara T’Soni at the start of the first game in the series, she is 106 years old. While this may seem old to humans, this indicates that she is still within the Maiden stage of asari life. 

Her appearance also indicates her youth, as her face shows minimal signs of aging. In the most recent teaser, Dr. T’Soni looks a bit different. 

The Asari scientist’s freckles and wrinkles could indicate that at least a few years have passed since the ending events of Mass Effect 3. On the other hand, this could simply be due to updated graphics.

Either way, Liara looking for Shepard for years is also in line with her character, though, as some endings see her and the crew of the Normandy searching the Galaxy for them, especially since Shepard already came back once.

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