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Fortnite: How to Get Free Throwback Pickaxe

fortnite throwback pickaxe

Fortnite: How to Get Free Throwback Pickaxe

Fortnite is primed and ready to release on both the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 on Nov. 10 and Nov. 12/ 19 respectively. To celebrate the occasion, Epic Games is giving players the chance to get the Throwback Pickaxe in Fortnite for free. This pickaxe is the very first, original, unaltered harvester that players used to gather wood, stone, and metal when the game was originally released.

Since then, the throwback pickaxe has been removed, but to celebrate the start of a new era of gaming, Epic Games is giving it out to players for free as of Nov. 4.

How to Get Throwback Pickaxe in Fortnite

fortnite throwback pickaxe

As of Nov. 4, players can get the Throwback Pickaxe for free by heading to the in-game store and purchasing it for the price of 0 V-Bucks.

That means anyone and everyone can claim it, regardless of whether you’re a completely new player, or you’ve not played in over a year but fancy checking out what’s new on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The Throwback Pickaxe will be free from Nov. 4 until Jan. 15, 2021, so you’ve got plenty of time to get logged in and redeem it from the store.

Are Default Skins Returning to Fortnite?

At this moment in time, there’s no official announcement regarding the likes of Jonesy and Ramirez’s default skins coming to Fortnite. However, the official Fortnite Twitter account did seem to tease that Chapter 1 default skins are returning soon, we’re just not sure when yet.

These could arrive on Nov. 4 with the Throwback Pickaxe as a hidden extra, but why Epic wouldn’t just announce them in the same blog post seems odd, given how highly-requested these are among fans. If they are on the way, they’re probably a bit further out.

There you have how to get the Throwback Pickaxe in Fortnite. Head over to our guide wiki for more tips and tricks.

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