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Demon’s Souls: How to Farm Pure Bladestone

demon's souls pure bladestone

Demon’s Souls: How to Farm Pure Bladestone

Demon’s Souls has long since been the most overlooked game in From Software’s Souls series, but with the new remake from Bluepoint Games, it’s set to see a resurgence in popularity now that it’s available on the PS5. The remake features a complete graphical overhaul, along with tons of little changes and improvements to make the game more enjoyable. That said, the core systems and mechanics are still intact, including the weapon upgrade system. Here’s how to farm Pure Bladestone in Demon’s Souls.

Farming Pure Bladestone in Demon’s Souls

Without a doubt, Pure Bladestone is one of the rarest upgrade materials you can get in Demon’s Souls. It was extremely time-consuming to try to farm it in the original game, and unfortunately, it’s the same exact situation in the remake as well.

And without the item duplication glitch, you’ll need to manually farm it if you’re planning on maxing out multiple weapon upgrades in your playthroughs. At the time of writing, there are only two ways to farm Pure Bladestone. You’ll first need to clear the Adjudicator boss fight in the Shrine of Storms to unlock the Ritual Path Archstone, and from there, you’ll have access to a Black Skeleton enemy who can drop it for you.

From the Ritual Path, head down and kill the Reaper enemy. From there, head up the stairs, and once you’re past the second set of stairs, hit the illusory wall to your right to reveal a hidden area. Here, you’ll find a Black Skeleton enemy who has a chance of dropping the Pure Bladestone for you.

To increase your chances of getting the item, you’ll want to either try to increase your luck stat while leveling up, or equip the Providential Ring to up the item drop rate. In addition to that, getting to pure black world tendency will also drastically improve your item drop rate, though this will make enemies significantly tougher to deal with.

The second enemy who has a chance of dropping Pure Bladestone can also be located in 4-2. You’ll need to make your way through most of the level from the Ritual Path until you reach the second Reaper. Just before you face the Reaper, you’ll find a black phantom version of the Black Skeleton enemy if you’re in pure black world tendency who also has a chance of dropping the item.

Your chances of getting it to drop from the black phantom should be higher, but be warned that it’s also going to be a much harder fight.

That’s all you need to know about how to farm Pure Bladestone in Demon’s Souls. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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