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Bugsnax: How to Get Everybody to Dance

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Bugsnax: How to Get Everybody to Dance

Bugsnax is a new indie title from developer Young Horses that is launching alongside Sony’s next-gen console, the PS5. This adventure/puzzle game will have you interviewing the residents of Snaktooth Island in order to find the truth behind the delicious creatures known as Bugsnax. Once you gather everyone back in camp, Filbo will throw a party but it’ll take some time before you can get everyone to loosen up and mingle. Here’s how to get everybody to dance in Bugsnax.

How to Get Everybody to Dance in Bugsnax

Alright, once the party has begun and the music is pumpin’, you’ll see that you’ll need to get all 11 characters to dance. Let’s go through each character and we’ll tell you what you need to do to get them to dance.


You see that big yellow ball hanging above Shelda? You simply need to throw something at it and Shelda will go to the dance floor. You can pick up one of the cups that Cromdo has at his drink stand and then throw it using R2.


Wambus needs some liquid courage, so just bring him a cup of “Bug Juice” from Cromdo’s stand and Wambus will go and break it down near the campfire.

Gramble – How to Get Everybody to Dance in Bugsnax

After giving Wambus a drink, he’ll go over to Gramble and after a short dialogue sequence, he’ll join the party as well.


Filbo and Beffica will be talking amongst one another near the Sauce farm. Just go up to them and listen to their conversation and then Filbo will go and dance. And then just speak to Beffica and she’ll join the party as well, if it’s the right song. You can go up to the radio and press square to change the song. You can then speak to Beffica again to see if she wants to dance now.

Triffany/Floofty – How to Get Everybody to Dance in Bugsnax

Now, speak to Triffany and tell her to go speak with Floofty. After their conversation, both of them will join the party.


And for these two, just speak to Snorpy and he’ll go over and speak to Chandlo, asking him to be his boyfriend. After their discussion, both of them will join the others. This needs to be done after Shelda has gone to dance.

Wiggle – How to Get Everybody to Dance in Bugsnax

Since her throat is parched, just hand Wiggle a drink and she’ll be happy to join the others.


And last but not least, Crombo just needs to be spoken to and he’ll join the others out of sheer FOMO.

And then just talk to Filbo one more time and the story will continue from there. Get ready for some wild things to happen.

That’s all you need to know about how to get everybody to dance in Bugsnax. For more guides like this one, feel free to search Twinfinite or just look down below for related coverage.

You can also take a look at our scored review to see what we thought about the game.

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