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Black Ops Cold War Max Level Cap (Multiplayer)

black ops cold war max level cap

Black Ops Cold War Max Level Cap (Multiplayer)

Activision’s Call of Duty series is back again with Treyarch and Sledgehammer’s Black Ops Cold War marking the 2020 release. Compiled of three different modes — single-player campaign, multiplayer and Zombies — Black Ops Cold War has a ton of content for FPS fans to pour over for hours at a time. Multiplayer, of course, is what put the series on the map and is still the go-to mode for most fans. Of course, if you’re looking to go the whole hog, reaching the max prestige, you may be wondering what the max level cap is in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer.

What the Max Level Cap Is in Black Ops Cold War’s Multiplayer

To begin with, 55 is the max level cap in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer. At this point, players will have the option to stay at this level, or prestige and start over again.

What’s worth noting, however, is that Black Ops Cold War actually changes the way in which the ‘Prestige’ system works in multiplayer. Rather than Prestiging and losing your create-a-class content, you’ll now be able to keep all of your content, while still Prestiging as part of the new ‘Seasonal Prestige’ system.

Once you begin the Season Leveling progression system after getting your first Prestige, the max level cap in Black Ops Cold War becomes level 1000 each season.

Seasonal Prestige Explained

Once you’ve reached level 55, you’ll then unlock the Season Leveling system. You automatically start at Season Level 1, unlocking your first Prestige in the process. This means you keep all of your Create-a-Class content, too.

Before Black Ops Cold War’s Season 1 begins in December, players will have three Prestiges to unlock. These are unlocked in the following ways:

  • Prestige 1 – Unlocked at Season Level 1
  • Prestige 2 – Reach Season Level 50
  • Prestige 3 – Reach Season Level 100

Once Season 1 begins in December, your level will be reset at the start of every new season, and your progress continues from the highest Prestige you achieved in the previous Season.

Every new season will introduce four new Prestiges for players to level up towards, each one unlocked at the following Season levels:

  • Level 50
  • Level 100
  • Level 150
  • Level 200

This means you’ll be looking at more than 25 Prestiges to grind your way through over the course of Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer for the next year.

That’s everything you need to know about the max level cap in Black Ops Cold War. For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki, search for Twinifnite, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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