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Black Ops Cold War Endings Explained: How to Get All Endings

black ops cold war endings

Black Ops Cold War Endings Explained: How to Get All Endings

Throughout Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War’s campaign, players will have played their part in tracking down the mysterious Perseus, who’s determined to cause a nuclear war. As protagonist Bell, players will fight their way through iconic world stages trying to put an end to the madness. But as things unfold towards the beginning of the game, we realize not everything’s as it seems. When given a major decision, players will determine which of Black Ops Cold War’s endings they’ll get.

It can all get a bit confusing, but fear not, we’ll explain how to get both of the main endings, as well as the decisions that change the final cutscene you’ll get.

Be warned, this guide contains spoilers for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War’s campaign, in particular, its endings. If you’re looking to enjoy the campaign spoiler-free, turn back now.

How to Get the Good Ending in Black Ops Cold War

During the ‘Identity Crisis’ mission, Bell will be getting interrogated by the rest of the team. It turns out that they placed an identity in your mind by brainwashing you into thinking you’d served in Vietnam, which you never had.

Ultimately, they’ll ask you where Perseus is. If you choose to tell them the truth that Perseus is in Solovetsky, you’ll get the ‘The Final Countdown’ last mission. This sees the team heading to Solovetsky and disabling a radar array that Perseus was going to use to detonate the nukes across Europe.

After the mission’s completed, Bell and Adler will stand looking out over some clips and chat a bit, before pulling guns on one another and pulling the trigger. Both of them die, but it’s never really explained why.

Our best guess is that Adler pulled the gun on Bell because he knew too much about what had happened over the course of the campaign. Leaking that knowledge could have huge implications on the global scale, so he had to be silenced. Bell likely pulled his in retaliation.

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