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All Elite Wrestling Announces 3 Games in Development


All Elite Wrestling Announces 3 Games in Development

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) announced today that three different AEW branded games are currently in development.

In a launch event live-streamed on the AEW Games YouTube channel, AEW wrestlers such as Kenny Omega, Britt Braker, Cody Rhodes and AEW referee Aubrey Edwards took stage to unveil two mobile app games, a t-shirt and a console game.

The console game will be developed by former WWE 2K games developer Yuke’s and Hideyuki Iwashita, who directed one of the best wrestling games of all time, WWF No Mercy.

Omega revealed a very early first look at the untitled console game.

The console game first look shared a resemblance to AEW’s competitor WWE’s games such as WWE 2K Battlegrounds or WWE All-Stars. However, Yuke’s mainly developed the annual simulator versions of the WWE 2K games.

Along with the upcoming console game, AEW also unveiled two mobile games.

The first mobile app is a general manager simulator called AEW Elite General Manager. According to the AEW Games website, AEW Elite General Manager is developed by Crystallized Games.

AEW Elite General Manager will have fans “take on the role of General Manager, who is responsible for managing a roster of AEW wrestlers, booking matches and running the show in order to generate revenue, new fans and effects on wrestlers’ stamina and morale.”

Fans who sign up to the AEW Games mailing list will get the chance to participate in an upcoming beta test program for AEW Elite General Manager.

The second mobile app will be a virtual gambling game named after one of AEW’s pay-per-views called AEW Casino: Double or Nothing.

Developed by KamaGames, AEW Casino will feature AEW-branded versions of slot machines, blackjack, poker and roulette tables along with AEW music, sounds, videos, wrestler avatars, gift packs and more.

Players can also win real AEW merchandise and prizes in special tournaments and sweepstakes that will take place in-game.

There is currently no set release date for all three video games. Missed out the event? You can watch the full announcement live stream below:

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