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NHL 21: How to Pull Goalie (No Pause)

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NHL 21: How to Pull Goalie (No Pause)

NHL 21 brings hockey fans another exciting experience, updating rosters and adding plenty of new content. While not too much has changed on the gameplay front, there are a few things you’ll probably need to relearn if you want to be the best team on the ice, especially if you’re down late in the game. Here is everything you need to know about how to pull the goalie (no pause) in NHL 21.

Pulling your goalie in any hockey game is always going to be risky. Doing so leaves the net wide open to your opponent’s attack.

The only time you’ll want to implement this strategy – unless you just like choas, then do it whenever – is when your trailing late in the game. Pulling your netminder brings an extra player on to the ice that you can use to try and score a late winner.

Pause Menu

The process of pulling your goalie can be done pretty easily if you just open up your pause menu. Here, all you have to do is scroll using the bumpers over to manage team.

The option at the bottom lets you turn on pull goalie. Whenever this is on and you enter your opponent’s half, your goalie will automatically head to the bench.

What if you can’t access the pause menu or just want to do it quickly?

How to Pull Goalie (No Pause) in NHL 21

If you want to pull you goalie quickly without having to pause, follow the button prompts below.

PS4L1 and Touchpad
Xbox OneSelect and LB

You’ll likely find yourself in this situation when playing games online, as you can only pause matches a certain number of times each game.

That is everything you need to know about how to pull the goalie (no pause) in NHL 21. For more helpful tips for on and off the ice, be sure to search the rest of Twinfinite.

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