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Fortnite Highest & Lowest Point Locations: Where to Dance at Highest & Lowest Spots


Fortnite Highest & Lowest Point Locations: Where to Dance at Highest & Lowest Spots

As part of Fortnite’s week 9 challenges, players had to seek out and dance at the highest and lowest spots on the map. It’s simple enough if you know where you’re going, but trying to figure out where the highest and lowest spots on the map are can be a little tricky if you’re not all that familiar with it. This Fortnite highest and lowest point locations guide will show you where to bust your moves to complete the challenge.

We’ve marked the highest point (G7) and lowest point (B2) on the map below. If you’re looking for more specific directions to the places you need to dance at, we’ve dived into them more below.

fortnite highest point, fortnite lowest point

Fortnite Highest Spot – G7

fortnite highest point

The highest point on Fortnite’s map is quite easy to find. It’s down in the southeast corner of the map, in grid reference G7. The highest spot is actually one of the snowy mountains, which is marked with a red flag and a chest at the very top. It’s also just to the east of the weather station on these snowy mountains, should you need another reference point.

Fortnite Lowest Spot – B2

fortnite lowest point

The lowest point on Fortnite’s map can be found right at the center of Coral Castle, in grid reference B2.

To reach this lowest spot, you’ll need to head right into the center of Coral Castle and inside the castle itself. Here, you’ll find these weird, rune-looking pillars around the place. The one you want to head to sits in the middle of a pool of water, shown in the screenshot above.

Simply destroy this pillar sitting in the water and stand on the platform that remains. Do a lil’ dance and you’ll complete the challenge.

And there you have the highest and lowest points on Fortnite’s map. Simply head to these, dance away and get all that sweet, XP for doing so.

Head over to our guide wiki for more on the current season.

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