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Fan Creates the Ultimate Rainbow Road Track for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

mario kart live home circuit

Fan Creates the Ultimate Rainbow Road Track for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

One of the coolest parts about Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is that it allows people to build their own dream racing tracks but in real life. Using AR technology, Home Circuit brings the fun of Mario kart racing to your living room or wherever else you can manage to play it. Just don’t play with it outside or when your pets are around.

YouTube channel Critbox put out a new video today that shows off a DIY Rainbow Road track that’s totally inspired by the same Mario Kart track that everyone manages to fall off of. And if you say that you’ve never fallen off, then you’re lying. I don’t make the rules.

Javi, the creator of Critbox, mentioned in the YouTube description that this was the perfect opportunity to use all of the “Mario crap” that he owns, as well as some shiny LEDs, to bring the track to life.

Check it out below. It certainly impressed us!

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is now available exclusively for the Switch. If you want more info, head over to our scored review right here.

Here’s an excerpt:

My time with Home Circuit was fun, and I’m sure I’ll set up a new course sometime in the future when I’m feeling particularly inspired. I just wish there were two karts in the box so I could play with a friend, and I wish the range was double what it is so I could build bigger and better courses. I’m not so sure I feel like I got a $99 value out of what I played so far.

If you have kids around the ages 10-15, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a great Christmas gift, but only if your kids are okay with sharing or you’re willing to shell out $200 for two sets. It’s expensive, so maybe make sure they’re actually willing to build a course every time they want to play if you’re not okay with it being left around the house for long periods of time.

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