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5 Characters That Should Finally Return in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness


5 Characters That Should Finally Return in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

The CG Resident Evil films may not be cinematic masterpieces, but they are fun opportunities to spend more time with the series’ beloved characters and expand upon the world itself. A new CG series (a departure from the usual films) for Netflix was recently announced at TGS titled Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Thanks to a brief teaser, it has been confirmed that the series will reunite Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield (the star duo of Resident Evil 2) once more.

Since it is planned to be a series as opposed to a single movie, there could be even more room for old characters to pop up. But which ones could appear?

Billy Coen From Resident Evil 0

Billy Coen

In the last CG entry, Resident Evil: Vendetta, Rebecca Chambers finally made her return after being missing since the events of the original Resident Evil. That’s precisely why her partner from Resident Evil 0 would be a great candidate to show back up, especially since that is the only appearance he has had in the entire series.

The last time Billy was on screen, Rebecca bid him farewell into the Arklay Mountains (which one has to think isn’t the safest place to go solo since you know, zombie dogs).

As far as the world is concerned, Billy is dead thanks to Rebecca’s mission report regarding the incident. Despite that though, it would still be neat to see his return in the series. The CG films are 1-for-2 as far as bringing back Resident Evil 0’s protagonists, so there’s a glimmer of hope.

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