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Spellbreak: Best Gauntlets, Elements & Class Combos


Spellbreak: Best Gauntlets, Elements & Class Combos

Spellbreak is a unique battle royale game that focuses less on managing inventory, building, firing guns, or anything like that, and instead is about mixing spells from various classes together until you find something that works for you. In this guide, we’re going to rank what we feel are the best elements in Spellbreak and also go over the best Spellbreak class combos for each of these elements that we feel pair nicely together.

For the record, although we’re ranking the best elements and best class combos in Spellbreak, during our play ime we have not found that any of the classes are “bad.” It truly comes down to preferred playstyle and, of course, what you can actually find while you’re out scavenging.

There are so many worthwhile class combos out there in Spellbreak, it really comes down to what you like best. So whether you’re playing solos or squads, feel free to get some ideas from this article, but also feel free to disregard them and do what you think works best.

6. Conduit (Lightning) – Best Gauntlet Elements

Best Spellbreak Class Combo: Poison, Ice

spellbreak best elements combos

Again, let me reiterate, Conduit is technically the “worst” Spellbreak class on this list but it’s far from being actually bad. The Conduit is very good but you’ll need to ensure you’re taking advantage of all of its strengths and perks to make the most of it and in the heat of battle, that can be tough.

Conduit offers rapid-fire Lightning Bolt attacks and a slow, but extremely powerful Lightning Strike attack.

Lightning Strike is brutal when you get hit by it, but the problem is there’s a short delay giving someone who is paying attention a chance to get out of the way. It’s great, however, when you get the jump on someone that is distracted.

Conduit also allows you to effectively use your Rune twice once you level it up after casting Lightning Strike. This is a major perk, but it does force you into playing a certain way. If you’re not taking advantage of it, there are better options.

Conduit’s Lightning attacks combos nicely with both Ice and Poison which will allow you to easily hit enemies that are slowed by the Ice and Poison attacks with massive Lighting Bolts that benefit from additional effects in addition to just being brutally powerful on its own.

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