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Spiritfarer: How to Get Glims Fast & Easy

Spiritfarer, How to Get Glims Fast and Easy

Spiritfarer: How to Get Glims Fast & Easy

While most of Spiritfarer revolves around helping Spirits and crafting new facilities, it isn’t without a currency you’ll need to amass to fund your exploits. That’s why we’re here to help with a guide on how to get Glims fast and easy in Spiritfarer.

How to Get Glims Fast and Easy in Spiritfarer

There are a number of ways to get Glims fast in Spiritfarer, but some methods are far easier to pull off with a minimal investment of time or effort.

Case in point: There are a number of items that you can fish up while sailing around, which you can then sell to Francis the Wandering Merchant for tons of Glims. In particular, the stretch of water between Albert’s Shipyard and Mount Toroyama has a high chance of reeling in Ceramic Bowls, which can net you several hundred Glims per pop.

There’s likewise the chance that you’ll fish up Glim Bottles, which offer up a tiddy sum upon use. They come in small, medium and large variants, with larger bottles offering more Glims upon use.

To that end, you should spend some time fishing around this area to grind up your Glim totals quickly. After a short while, you’ll have more than enough Glims to fund whatever upgrades or purchases you need to make.

How to Grind Glims From Mini Games

On the other hand, if you’d prefer to earn Glims in a more active way, you can do so by playing through some of Spiritfarer’s mini game events tied to its Spirits.

As you find more Spirits and bring them onto your ship, you’ll gain the ability to participate in events and tasks tied to them. Gwen, for example, will show you how to capture Jellyfish at certain points on the map, while Atul will show you how to catch lightning in a bottle in stormy areas.

These tasks in turn will net you large sums of Glims, so they’re a handy way of getting more currency while also collecting other resources and traveling to different places throughout the world.

Hopefully this cleared up how to get Glims fast and easy in Spiritfarer. For more on the game, check out some of our other guides for help with things like how to get chicken and how to get the Spirit Gustav onto your ship.

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