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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Fall Guys Right Now

Fall Guys Release Date Devolver Direct

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Fall Guys Right Now

Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have finally released their nonsensical Battle Royale party game, Fall Guys, on PS4 and PC and there are a lot of people playing at the moment –over 1.5 million to be exact.

Fall Guys is an absolute success so far, and now that it’s free to download for PS Plus subscribers, there’s no better time than now to jump into all of the multiplayer madness.

And if you’re still not convinced, here a couple of reasons you should be playing it right now.

It’s Mario Party Turned up to 11

Fall guys switch

The minigames in multiplayer titles such as Mario Party can be exciting and nerve-wracking (especially if the stakes are high) but in Fall Guys, the stress of being one of the last few players in a show is unlike anything else.

Since each game starts with 60 players, there are several rounds of minigames, and these can range from ridiculously difficult obstacle courses to team-based challenges that involve rolling a ball down a hill together.

Things get crazy. Fall Guys does an exceptional job of keeping things fresh too. There are lots of different games to play, and the levels are chosen randomly for each show, making each play session unique from the last.

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