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New Modern Warfare & Warzone Patch Features Famas Shotgun Fix & Bruen Nerf

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New Modern Warfare & Warzone Patch Features Famas Shotgun Fix & Bruen Nerf

Infinity Ward has released a new patch for Modern Warfare and Warzone which fixes the frustrating Famas shotgun glitch and nerfs the overpowered Bruen LMG.

The patch doesn’t have to be downloaded, so don’t worry about that, as the changes have been made automatically in game.

The main change is a fix to the FR 5.56 shotgun underbarrel attachment, which had become a one shot kill, even at full armor on Warzone. It wasn’t easy to unlock, especially with the Famas being one of the worst weapons in the game, but it became unbeatable at close range with that attachment set.

The other change that fans will be excited about is the nerf to the Bruen LMG. The weapon is one that most players had started to use due to its high damage, good manoeuvrability for an LMG, and low recoil. Hopefully it’ll open up the Warzone meta a little to vary matches more.

Below is the full list of changes made as part of the new Modern Warfare update:

  • Warzone: 12-Gauge Deputy underbarrel shotgun:
    • Clamped close lethal damage
    • Fixed damage falloff for the FR 5.56 underbarrel shotgun
  • Bruen MK9:
    • Reduced upper torso damage
    • Base weapon – Increased recoil
    • 60 Round Mag – Additional increased recoil
  • ISO:
    • Reduced movement penalty for drum mags
    • Increased base ADS movement speed
  • 725 Sawed-Off Barrel:
    • Small increase to ADS time
    • Small decrease to movement speed
    • Reduced close lethal damage range
  • Fix for an exploit near the Prison in Warzone
  • Removing the VO from the High Alert perk

You should find the changes in game now, so test out the Bruen and see how it feels.

We will be sure to update you as and when any more weapons changes are made over the course of Season 5.

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