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Modern Warfare’s Season 5 Update Can Be Preloaded on PS4

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Modern Warfare’s Season 5 Update Can Be Preloaded on PS4

In rather unexpected news, Modern Warfare’s Season 5 update is now live on PlayStation 4, allowing you to download it before the new season begins on Aug. 5.

The update comes in at 36.182 GB for the Warzone only version of Modern Warfare, which is larger than those for the last few seasons and might explain why it can be pre-loaded for the first time.

However, while you’re able to download the update, you cannot install it yet. A message will appear underneath the file on your system’s downloads section saying: “Installable: 5/8/2020 2:00”

That time above is for ET, so it will say “4/8/2020 23:00” if you’re on PT or “5/8/2020 7:00” if you’re on BST.

modern warfare season 5, update
Image Credit: Charlie Intel (We have confirmed it via our own system)

As long as your PS4 is on or you have auto-downloads set up at the relevant time, it will install and you’ll be all set without having to wait for it to download like you usually would.

It’s also worth noting that this is only possible on PS4 at the time of writing. Xbox One and PC players will currently have to download it once it can be installed late on the 4th or early on the 5th. However, since this is a new feature, it is possible that is comes to the systems sometime before the beginning of Season 5.

As usual, the overall size of Modern Warfare and Warzone shouldn’t increase much, if at all, although you’ll need space on your system to download the Season 5 update.

Season 5 of Warzone and Modern Warfare begins early on Wednesday morning, Aug. 5.

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