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Madden 21: How to Use Hurry Up Offense

Madden 21, How to Use Hurry Up Offense

Madden 21: How to Use Hurry Up Offense

In Madden 21, time is a valuable commodity. You won’t always have all the time in the world to decide on plays, but sometimes using the same play in quick succession — and, in turn, running out the clock — can be the key to putting pressure on your opponent and improving your situation. To that end, we’re here to make sure you can do just that by walking you through how to use hurry up offense in Madden 21.

How to Use Hurry Up Offense in Madden 21

Triggering a hurry up offense in Madden 21 is fairly easy to do once you know when and how to use it.

Immediately following an offensive play, you can press the Triangle Button on PlayStation 4 or the Y Button on the Xbox One to trigger a hurry up offense. This will immediately square up your players in the last play formation you chose, allowing you to quickly get back into play in exchange for keeping the clock running.

You won’t be locked into a specific play though, so if you wish to get into a different formation, you can do so by calling an audible.

When You Should Use Hurry Up Offense

As for when the best times to use Hurry Up Offense are in Madden 21, it depends on the situation.

If you’re looking to run down the clock and force the ball over to your opponent, then hurry up offense could be the right call. Doing so could put your defensive players in a position to force your opponents back where you otherwise couldn’t gain yards through offense, and set you up for better plays following the next turnover.

On the other hand, hurry up offense can also be used offensively. Speeding up how quickly you execute plays can catch your opponent off guard, giving you a better chance of scoring even if the clock continues to run as a result.

Hopefully this cleared up how to use hurry up offense in Madden 21. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has plenty of helpful tips and tricks related to topics like how to play house rules in the yard and how to stop a run.

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