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FFXIV Players Manage to Clear the New NieR Raid With No Job Crystals


FFXIV Players Manage to Clear the New NieR Raid With No Job Crystals

Just a couple of weeks ago, patch 5.3 dropped for Final Fantasy XIV and added the second NieR: Automata-themed Alliance raid to continue the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse story. While FFXIV’s 24-man raids are nowhere near as challenging as the Savage, Extreme, or Ultimate tier raids, they’re certainly no walk in the park either, especially since the new one, The Puppets’ Bunker, is still current end game content.

However, this group of 24 players from the Primal Data Center have managed to clear the new raid without equipping any job crystals. For the uninitiated, job crystals are used to enhance base classes and give you access to more useful skills and actions. For instance, a Conjurer needs a crystal to become a White Mage, and if you removed the crystal, you’d be severely limited in the skills that you have, making it incredibly difficult to heal your party effectively. Your damage output also decreases without a job crystal, and you just have no reason to remove it at all once you get it.

And that’s what makes this run so impressive. You can check out the full Twitch VOD over here, but essentially, this run required early uses of Limit Breaks, and patience in healing the party as it could drag on for quite a while.

FFXIV is now available on PS4 and PC.

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