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Stream TennoCon E3 2020 Conference: Where to Watch Online

tennocon 2020

Stream TennoCon E3 2020 Conference: Where to Watch Online

Rejoice, ninjas! Even though TennoCon can’t be celebrated in person this year, we still get a day-long stream filled with new Warframe info. That’s right, this event is going all digital. Keep on reading below to find out all the details you need to know about how to watch TennoCon 2020.

Where to Watch TennoCon 2020 Conference

There’s currently a sparse amount of information from Digital Extremes about where the TennoCon 2020 stream will be hosted. Right now, we can confirm that it will be streamed on Twitch and Steam.

What Time the Stream Starts

TennoCon 2020 will take place on Aug. 1 at 12:30 PM ET and will start off with a 30-minute long welcome to the event. Check out the table below to get all the information for the rest of the show.

Welcome to TennoCon 202012:30 PM9:30 AM5:30 PM6:30 PM8/2 @ 12:30 AM8/2 @ 1:30 AM
The Art of Warframe1 PM10 AM6 PM7 PM8/2 @ 1 AM8/2 @ 2 AM
Sounds of the System2 PM11 AM7 PM8 PM8/2 @ 2 AM8/2 @ 3 AM
TennoCon Community Art Show3 PM12 PM8 PM9 PM8/2 @ 3 AM8/2 @ 4 AM
TennoTrivia4 PM1 PM9 PM10 PM8/2 @ 4 AM8/2 @ 5 AM
TennoLive Digital Edition5 PM2 PM10 PM11 PM8/2 @ 5 AM8/2 @ 6 AM

Of course, you can be sure that Twinfinte will be on top of any and all reveals as soon as a specific time and schedule are announced. You can find out more details on the other summer events in our full list of digital events replacing E3 this year.

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