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Pokemon GO Kyurem Raid Guide: Counters, Movesets, & More

kyurem raid guide, kyurem raid counters

Pokemon GO Kyurem Raid Guide: Counters, Movesets, & More

Last but not least, Kyurem is the final member of the Tao Trio to come to Pokemon GO. If you caught Zekrom and Reshiram, then you can finally make your collection complete with this Dragon/Ice-type Pokemon. Just follow this Kyurem raid guide, choose the right counters and you might be able to add it to your team.

Pokemon GO Kyurem Raid Time

The Kyurem raid is already in full swing and it’s expected to last at least until July 28. You still have plenty of time to add one to your collection, but don’t wait or you’ll miss it.

How to Use Remote Raid Passes

zekrom raid guide, zekrom raid counters

If you’re just starting to use your remote raid passes for the first time, then here’s a quick breakdown of how it works for the Kyurem raid or any other raid.

From the main screen of the game tap the nearby Pokemon in the lower right. This will bring up a list of nearby Pokemon and raids. Tap the word Raid near the top of the screen. Hit View to pull up the raid battle in the gym.

If you have a Remote Raid Pass, then you’ll see a pink battle button at the bottom of the screen. Tap it to join the raid battle when you’re not close enough to join the raid with a standard or premium battle pass.

Kyurem Raid Guide – Weaknesses

Kyurem is weak to many different types of Pokemon that are extremely common and powerful. This is good news for those who want to try out this raid, but bad news for anyone who wants to use Kyurem in PvP or PvE battles.

The Boundary Pokemon is weak to Fighting-, Rock-, Steel-, Dragon-, and Fairy-type attacks. Chances are high that you’ll have plenty of attackers with those types. Just make sure you go in with at least four friends to finish this raid comfortably.

Best Kyurem Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

These Kyurem raid counters are the best you can choose assuming you don’t dodge, that they’re all level 35, and that they have no attack boosts of any kind. Also, Shadow Pokemon will be listed in Honorable Mentions. Keep in mind Shadow Pokemon are stronger but take more damage.

  • Metagross* (Bullet Punch|Meteor Mash): Steel-type Pokemon lay waste to Kyurem fairly easily. They hit it with super effective damage and resist Dragon-type attacks. And you can’t get much better than Metagross for raids.
  • Lucario (Counter|Aura Sphere): Again, the Steel-typing on this Pokemon is a big reason why it’s on the list of counters. But Lucario also has some fantastic Fighting-type attacks that will make short work of Kyurem.
  • Conkeldurr (Counter|Dynamic Punch): Conkeldurr isn’t going to resist Kyurem’s Dragon attacks like Steel-types do. It’s just a big oaf that can deal out ridiculous amounts of damage to opponents with a Fighting-type weakness.
  • Dialga (Metal Claw|Draco Meteor): And now we’re back to the Steel-type Pokemon. Dialga can hit Kyurem’s Dragon-type weakness while still not taking super effective damage thanks to it being part Steel.
  • Rhyperior (Smack Down|Rock Wrecker): This is where you’ll want to be careful. Ice-type attacks can and will wreck Rhyperior. However, if you can find a Kyurem that’s not using any Ice attack, then these Rock attacks will do a ton of damage.
  • Terrakion (Smack Down|Rock Slide): We’re in the same spot here with Terrakion. It can deal out massive damage to Kyurem assuming that it’s not using Ice-type attacks. Play it smart and Terrakion should be a fantastic counter to Kyurem.
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Gardevoir* (Charm|Dazzling Gleam)
    • Shadow Tyranitar (Smack Down|Stone Edge)
    • Machamp* (Counter|Dynamic Punch)
    • Shadow Scizor (Bullet Punch|Iron Head)
    • Genesect (Metal Claw|Magnet Bomb)

*Shadow version also viable

Kyurem Raid Moveset

Kyurem is a Dragon/Ice Legendary Pokemon that falls apart in the face of a good Steel-type. This makes choosing Kyurem’s counters incredibly easy. Pretty much any Kyurem that doesn’t have Blizzard will be relatively easy to beat.

Fast Moves

  • Dragon Breath (Dragon): This is a solid Dragon-type fast move for Kyurem to have, but it’s easily countered by any top-tier Steel Pokemon. It’s good, but it’s nothing to fear.
  • Steel Wing (Steel): Again, Steel-type Pokemon will make this raid a breeze. Steel Wing is another attack that is easily resisted and won’t deal tons of damage. It counters Rock-types, but that’s not Kyurem’s problem. This Legendary needs a Ground-type move to deal with Steel.

Charge Moves

  • Dragon Claw (Dragon): This is the easiest of Kyurem’s charge moves to survive. Don’t even worry about dodging it. Just keep on going with your attack plan as usual and your raid group should be able to take down Kyurem before time runs out.
  • Blizzard (Ice): This is where it can get tough. Blizzard is ridiculously powerful, even against Pokemon that aren’t weak to Ice-type attacks. You may want to consider dodging this move unless you have a massive raid group.
  • Draco Meteor (Dragon): Normally, Draco Meteor is one of the most feared attacks in Pokemon GO. But Kyurem’s Steel-type counters laugh in the face of this attack. Fairy-type Pokemon will also do well here if Kyurem has this attack paired with Dragon Breath.

If you follow our suggestions for counters in this Kyurem raid guide, then you should be able to add this Legendary Dragon to your team. And if there’s anything else you need to learn about Pokemon GO, then just check out our Wiki Guide.

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