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Ghost of Tsushima: Tadayori’s Rest Location

ghost of tsushima, tadayori's rest

Ghost of Tsushima: Tadayori’s Rest Location

Ghost of Tsushima is the latest open world action-adventure game from Sucker Punch Productions, and has just been released exclusively for the PS4. The game is set during the late 13th century, and players will take control of a samurai named Jin, who’s resolved to protect his clan and family from the ongoing Mongol invasion. Here’s how to find Tadayori’s Rest in Ghost of Tsushima.

Tadayori’s Rest Location in Ghost of Tsushima

Early on in the first act of the game, you’ll have access to a whole slew of Tale missions. These are basically side quests, and it’s definitely recommended that you do as many of them as you can before progressing with the main story missions. One of the missions is a Mythical Tale, where you’re tasked with finding the armor of the legendary archer Tadayori.

The first step is easy enough, but the second step requires you to located Tadayori’s Rest just based on a painting that you find on top of a mountain.

If you look closely at the painting, you’ll see that Tadayori’s Rest is located near a settlement across a river from where the violet mountain is. It’s not entirely clear which direction you head towards from the painting, but we’ve indicated the location in the screenshot down below.

From the initial quest location, you’ll want to head up north and go across the river towards Houren’s Pasture. Head up further north and you’ll find Tadayori’s Rest. You’ll need to go up the mountain and circle back around to find a cliff where you can drop down into the resting site itself.

This isn’t the end of the quest, though. After a short battle, you’ll be directed to one last location to finally get the armor set.

That’s all you need to know about where Tadayori’s Rest is in Ghost of Tsushima. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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