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Best Sports Anime You Need to Watch Right Now

sports anime

Best Sports Anime You Need to Watch Right Now

Ping Pong the Animation

Best Sports Anime

On the surface, Ping Pong the Animation looks like a crudely drawn show about a low-level sport most just play for fun. It doesn’t take long to realize that this sports anime is beautiful and also layered with subtext. 

Ping Pong the Animation follows two high school friends, Peco and Smile, and their journey playing the game. Each episode explores the intricacies of ping pong, explaining different strokes, styles, and tempos that anyone who has never played seriously wouldn’t have known existed. 

While it’s fun to learn how deep the sport is, the true glory of this anime is watching the characters evolve. From the main two to the antagonists to a random player Smile beats, each person gets their own fulfilled arc.

Alongside the characterization its got going for it, the Sakuga in Ping Pong the Animation is also on par with any top tier action show around. 

Everything about the show is beautiful and teaches you to fly.

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